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Space Madness revisited

2015-12-12 16:27:50 by Frederik77

Minor update to  our old 'Cave Flyer' Space Madness today.

space madness thumbnail

Since FGL Ads have gone out of business, we're now runningEpicGameAds in the game. Digging out the old files and making a new build after all this time was actually awesome, especially listening again to the great game soundtrack by Dave Cowen. Hope one or two of you guys will enjoy a replay:-)

If any of you are hosting our games on your own portals, you can grab the updated game file (a well as our other games) from our distro page:



Volunteer translators needed for our upcoming game!

Please see the updated thread on the NG Forums, here:




Triangular 2048 updated!

2014-11-24 09:55:05 by Frederik77

We implemented a new leaderboards system to our devious puzzle game Triangular 2048, so now you can compete against others and not just against your own top score. Enjoy:

Tower Panic updated

2014-11-17 09:38:17 by Frederik77

Small update to our old, old game Tower Panic :-) New leaderboard system implemented (the old provider shut down) and some small changes to gameplay, including resizing the game to fit nicely on most screens (450x600).

tower panic

(Click thumbnail to play)

Cheers, Frederik / Creative Spark Studios

Our word puzzle game WordIt has been without highscore options for a while, since our solution provider had problems, but now its back up and running with a new highscores system. Play it here on Newgrounds :-)

WordIt Thumb

WordIt 2, the sequel to our popular word game is available for web & android :-)


Good news for our Players: Microtransactions have been completely removed from Goblins at the Gates!

The former microtransaction items are still in the game, but now as normal items that you can earn them by playing and collecting loot from fallen enemies. Enjoy!

Play Goblins at the Gates here:











New game launched here on Newgrounds today: A to K, our take on the popular 2048 puzzle.

Give it a try (or ten) and see if you can figure out a valid solving strategy. The goal is to reach the letter K by combining letters. Two A's turn into a B. Two B's turn into a C, and so forth. Have fun :)


A to K preview image

Planet Dash launched

2014-06-05 16:03:21 by Frederik77

1872881_140199849823_fgl_s_h2storb331028.png Our latest game, Planet Dash just launched today. Play and give your vote and feedback :)


Thanks, Frederik.

Triangular 2048

2014-05-29 07:34:00 by Frederik77

Triangular 2048 on NG






To everyone who's been playing our game Triangular 2048, posted here on Newgrounds (, please also feel free to try our other variation of the popular game 2048. It's called A to K and uses letters instead of numbers, so you combine B's into C's, C's into D's etc. and see if you can reach K in that way. Link here: