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Love the art style here, especially the choice of dark blue outlines with the yellow-brown palette. The story is a little sad, I think, but also a little funny. What's with that creepy round thing a the end, going all postal and becoming inarticulate? It's not easy being honey mustard, I gather. But his true destiny around here would probably be sitting in the back of a fridge until he expired. Everybody buys that stuff in order to show how willing they are to 'try new things,' but nobody ever eats it. Seems there's just never a time where mustard or honey by itself wouldn't be the better choice. Well, maybe glazed ham or something? But then again, you could just mix honey and mustard yourself. Oh, the senseless tragedy of superfluous food combinations. I can empathize, fully.

BillPremo responds:

Thanks for the review. I was once told that brown and blue is the saddest color combination. I had a lot of fun with the color in this.

Thanks for uploading this - I find it incredibly funny :D

OverTonesOfLevi responds:

No problem man! I had lots of fun making these as a kid! Thanks for the message!!!

This is high art!

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The music is maddening, and the gameplay is all but self-explanatory. Seems a lot of effort has gone into this, but a bit of instruction for the uninitiated would be nice.

Madness indeed :-)

Excellent short game. The art, the animation, the music, the limited number of choices all work together to create a great experience. Played it and felt like I had just discovered a new secret area in Monkey Island or something :-)

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Looks pretty awesome. Was this game ever finished?

Qunit responds:

unfortunately it never really did begin :(
Will design for code!

Interesting to look at. I like the linework, your palette, and your use of contrast.

JMDeSantis responds:

Thank you. I'm happy to know so many people like this piece. Hopefully it'll entice a few to click over and start reading the graphic novel web-comic.

Nice style - initially reminded me of that old Amiga game called Moonstone. For constructive criticism, I think you could make the legs a little longer compared to the upper bodies, and work a bit on making the swords more realistic. The fire also seems almost dark instead of being a light source - maybe a bit of orange reflection on the armors will do the trick. Still great work though, keep it up :)

bluemagma responds:

Well, it was intended to be a concept screenshot, so stuff like lights are only done with post-processing, the faint glow that's around the bonfire. Thanks for the CC dude! ;D

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