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3rd World Farmer on Google Play!

Posted by Frederik77 - 1 month ago

Pre-register for 3rd World Farmer on Google Play!


It's been more than 12 years since our flash game 3rd World Farmer was first uploaded to NG, and it has remained popular with players and teachers to this day. However, with the rapid decline of flash support in browsers, the game is now finally being made available for android devices on Google Play. We invite you to pre-register/wishlist the app so you'll be notified the moment we launch!

Btw, if you want to help us with testing the game on android devices or help translate the game into a language that we still don't support, do feel free to be in touch. We currently support English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, and Danish.

All the best,

Frederik & 3rdWorldFarmer Team




Comments (7)

hi im dev and native portuguese speaker...

Hi wildanimal86 - 3rd World Farmer currently includes a Brazilian Portuguese translation - I hear there are some differences between that and the Portuguese spoken in Portugal, but that you guys still understand each other?

What an awesome idea for a farmin' game hmm... imagine this combined with a bit of a Civilization-driven storyline too. :) Looks good.

Thanks, glad you think it looks good! We're big fans of Sid Meier's Civilization series, and some aspects of 3rdworldfarmer are loosely comparable to Civilization: Planting crops could be seen as allocating workers to irrigate land, sending kids to school to improve their productivity and job/marriage prospects could be seen as investing in science, buying livestock and buildings could be seen as building pastures and improving your capitol. There's also road-building. And the larger projects like clinics, communications and political representation could be seen as completing 'wonders' or choosing 'policies' in civilization terminology. Corrupt officials and guerilla raids are also reminiscent of being raided by 'barbarians' in civilization. But of course our game is much smaller and focuses on just one small subset of all the possible historical storylines covered in civilization. But an important subset, we think.

Ooooh, I might get this, looms great, is it gonna be free?

Thanks, glad you like it! We're still only in the pre-registration phase, so not sure about prices yet. We might charge a bit instead of interrupting the game with ads and all that. By the way, pre-registering just means you get a notification when the game is live, so there's no commitment or payment involved at this point.


This was bigger than I thought though! Seemed like it was centered more on the farming aspect of all, but it really is more like building up a civilization than just tending to that food... very nice.

Pre-registered too btw.

@wildanimal86 @Frederik77 yes , not much difference